Grace for Life Ministries is a Biblically Based Christ Centered
Pastoral Ministry - Clinical Pastoral Counseling; Biblical
Cognitive Therapy is offered By:
Dr. Thomas R. Miller, C.Ph.D. Pastoral Counselor

Biblically Based Counseling for those who are Hurting. Services offered include but are not
limited to:
Individuals; Couples; Families; Teens; Children
Premarital, Marital and family related issues
Families of and with and individuals struggling with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Board Certified Faith Based Integrated Marriage and Family, Child and
Adolescent, Substance  Abuse and Addiction, Cognitive, Group & Crisis and
Abuse Therapy Specializing in Sexual Victimization and Recovery
Sexual and relational issues etc.
Life Coaching
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“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands
forever.” (Isaiah 40: 8, NASB)